Travel + Tourism

A collection of what I've Learned

Studying travel and tourism has brought light to a number of different perspectives and ideas surrounding the industry. From the beauty of learning cultural intelligence, to the awareness of the effects of over-tourism, to the power of data analytics and disaster preparation, I thought it would be selfish to keep some of these enlightening ideas to myself. 

"Bye Bye Barcelona" rocked my previously underdeveloped perspective on overtourism. This film deals with the massive tourism issues Barcelona continues to face, from the threat of a monoculture to the ineffective legislation surrounding the industry. Tourism is not inherently bad. In the case of Barcelona - and all destinations for that matter - it is a matter of striking the balance between tourist influx/experience and preserving the culture and location that brought them there in the first place. "Bye Bye Barcelona" does a wonderful job of highlighting the concerns of local residents. From tourists invading residential, neighborly living spaces, to the closings of local businesses in favor of cookie-cutter souvenir shops and international restaurants, the lack of proper management of tourism has resulted in the degradation of co-existence. How can Barcelona find balance and authenticity?